Timeless men's garments from the period of 1999—2011 designed by



🇯🇵 1999年から2011年にかけて、マルタン・マルジェラと彼のチームにより発表された、メンズウェアに焦点をあてたキュレーション・プロジェクト。

Our mission is to research, rediscover, characterize, exhibit and finally supply historical and collectible fashion items for curators, collectors, museum collections and fashion enthusiasts. We created this project to share our belief in finding the linear development in fashion, re-evaluate importance of designers strategies and to find the new context in contemporary discourse for garments that defined certain moments in history of clothing in which significance we strongly trust.
The research is based on historical documentation, curatorial knowledge and shared fascination for a particular aesthetic that has been important for European avant-garde in the last two decades. Carefully selected items speak for themselves; with provided contextual information, detailed descriptions and photography they receive an exact and meaningful spot on the pages of contemporary fashion's history. Our goal is to offer unique garments in dead-stock or pristine condition. We believe that certain ideas just get stronger through time, therefore we decided to give them a new voice in an overloaded contemporary fashion world.

The selection we have made is subjectively curated and focused on pieces that aren't the most obvious choices - we try to rediscover and show garments which, as a concept, are pure and important for each designer's language, however we tend to avoid those, that have been already in too strong highlight...

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