Since its foundation in 1997, the collaboration of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag has produced limited-edition fur wigs for Martin Margiela and jewelery for your everyday cluster of computer cables. Bless is known throughout fashion, art, publishing, and design for their ever-surprising and fiercely unconventional work.
It's almost impossible to define German label BLESS. Indeed, the best term would probably be the hackneyed 'lifestyle label', but to define BLESS as such would be to underplay the varied nuances that make the label what it is. You could call it a fashion label, but apparel only makes up a tiny portion of BLESS' output. You could call it an art collective, but the works of designers Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss are far too tangible and utilitarian to sit stagnant in a gallery. Instead, the label balances elegantly on the centre point of fashion, art and design. In essence, the BLESS collections are pragmatic luxury at their most artistic, innovative and unpredictable.